Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Taking good care of your hardwood flooring is the best way to make sure it lasts, but you need to know how to clean hardwood floors properly in order to avoid damaging them. There are a few wooden floor cleaning tips to abide by if you want to ensure that your floors last a lifetime. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to clean your floors.

Start With a Dust Mop

The best way to learn how to clean wood floors is to take things one step at a time. Dust mops are gentle on floors but really effective in removing the surface layer of dust and dirt. This will give you a clean floor in a pinch, but you can also follow this step with a hardwood floor cleaner if you want a deep clean.

Use Wood Cleaning Products

Cleaning hardwood floors can be tough because you need to be careful what products you use. The best way to clean hardwood floors is with a floor cleaner that’s specifically formulated for hardwood. Hardwood floor cleaner is available in most stores, but one of the best tips for cleaning hardwood floors is that you can easily make your own right at home. Combine one part vinegar, one part liquid castille soap, and ten parts water for a DIY floor cleaner that works like a charm.

Try Floor Protectors

For a clean floor that lasts, you can invest in hardwood floor protectors. These are vinyl mats that cover areas of the floor. You can put these anywhere that receives a lot of traffic, such as entryways or underneath furniture, to protect your floors from scratches and stains.

If you need your floor cleaned, let the professionals at Lone Star Pro Services do the work for you. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff guarantee a clean floor with no risk of damage. Call us for a rate quote today!

Commercial Services from Lone Star Pro Services

Summer is a great time to be sure your house is completely cleaned. If you’re on the lookout for commercial cleaning, Houston, TX, is the home of Lone Star Pro Services. Here are three of our most popular services and the benefits of getting them done this season.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Houston, TX

With all the mud getting tracked around the house from April’s showers, summer is a great time to get your carpet cleaned. Our 5-step carpet cleaning process is thorough and affordable. You’ll get the best deal and the best carpet cleaning in town.

Air Duct Maintenance

Summertime is a great time to get your air ducts cleaned and make sure they’re maintained. Allergens can collect in your air ducts, so if you’re going to be running the air conditioning it’s a good idea to be sure they’re clean and up to date. Our commercial air duct cleaning services are affordable and will improve the air quality in your home.

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Our four-step tile and grout cleaning process includes pre-inspection, pre-treatment, agitation, and a turbo wash. Your tiles will be looking like new in no time flat!

We also offer upholstery cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, water damage restoration, and other cleaning services so you can ensure your home is clean and ready for whatever summer has to offer.

On all of our services we’re willing to give you 10% off your quote if you’ve already gotten a quote from one of our competitors and can show us that quote. We’re so confident in our prices that we’re also willing to price match and beat any other commercial cleaning companies’ price by 10%.

If you’re ready to get your home in top shape for summer, give us a call at 832-410-8622 to book your commercial cleaning services in Houston today!

Lone Star Pro Services’ Upholstery Cleaning

Lone Star provides professional couch cleaning and a wide variety of additional upholstery cleaning services, for virtually every furnishing material you can imagine—even leather! Our experienced technicians are IICRC-certified and well-equipped to restore and refresh coverings on all types of furniture, including sectionals, sofas, love seats, recliners and dining chairs.

Professional Couch Cleaning

To help preserve the health of your valuable upholstery, and improve the aesthetic appeal of your furniture, we use cutting edge professional cleaning equipment to effectively suction away loose dry particles like dirt, soil, and other debris that tends to accumulate on well-used padding over time. Our professional couch cleaning services will not only make your upholstery look better, but it will also help improve the quality of the indoor air you and your family breathe every day.

Upholstery Cleaning Treatment

Our Lone Star technicians use high-grade upholstery cleaning solutions designed for use on specific fabric types. This ensures your furniture is getting treated with care and cleaned correctly with the right compounds. To minimize or eliminate stubborn fabric stains, we use the appropriate solutions during our pre-treatment.

  1. The first step is a comprehensive inspection. Our Lone Star cleaning experts perform a series of tests to assess the fabric content and uncover all problem areas, such as ground-in or resistant fabric stains. Our professional couch cleaning technicians will use the results to determine the correct techniques and type of upholstery cleaning agents required to clean your unique fabric. Once the treatment plan is completed, the area surrounding the upholstery to be cleaned will be prepped to protect your other furnishings.
  2. The second step is to vacuum the upholstery to thoroughly remove all loose dirt and particles from any nooks and crannies. Pre-treatment follows with the special solution created specifically for your fabric type. Any spots or stains that were discovered during the initial inspection will be treated at this point. Any lingering soil or debris will be loosened with a soft brush.
  3. In the next step, a controlled rinse is used to gently extract loosened particles. Afterward, to maintain the soft, touchable feel, we will neutralize the upholstery fabric. It will then be combed and prepared for the drying process. Our Lone Star experts use high-speed air movers for faster drying.

The Final Inspection

Once the upholstery cleaning is completed, our technicians will inspect their work and go over the results. We will discuss the process with you to ensure you recognize and understand the incredible benefits of Lone Star Pro Services’ professional couch cleaning.Upholstery cleaning will restore the look and feel of your furniture by removing dirt, stains, particles and odors. For our upholstery cleaning services, book an appointment with our technicians today!

Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer

The summer months are coming fast and soon the temperatures will be soaring. Homeowners will be lowering the thermostats of their central air units on the first hot day, seeking cool relief. During this time of year, the last thing anyone wants to discover is that the central air unit is not working properly. But without regular A/C maintenance, you may be setting yourself up for a few hot days and a hefty energy and repair bill.

Energy Saving Tip

Throughout the winter, homes are shut down and closed from the cold. This allows debris to collect inside the air ducts and recirculate inside the home. All this buildup is responsible for higher energy costs and less efficient cooling capabilities. Professional air duct cleaning for the summer months will get your home ready for the heat by boosting cooling efficiency and lowering energy costs. A/C maintenance will also extend the life of your system.

Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

In the winter, most homes circulate very little air, inside and outside. Therefore, the same air is recycled around the house for months. Dirt, dust, other allergens and debris get sucked into the air ducts and redistributed into the air. These potentially harmful particles that pollute the indoor air, can cause a host of health problems. After prolonged exposure, medical concerns such as respiratory issues and allergies can develop. Professional A/C maintenance will eliminate air duct build up so your central air unit can provide cleaner air.

Air Duct Cleaning for Summer Months

Get your home ready for the summer heat by making sure your air ducts are clean and your central air unit is in tip top shape. Built up dust and debris in the home and in the air ducts can cause problems in your central air unit and your air quality, and it can raise energy costs. Have you scheduled your appointment to have your system professionally cleaned this summer? If not, book one today with Lone Star Pro Services!

Professionally Preparing Your Home for a New Tenant

After a tenant moves out, it is time to prepare for the next occupant fast. If you don’t, your rental will stay empty and you will not gain a profit. Before you start showing off your property, there are several things that need to be done, and these can be daunting tasks. While a complete remodeling or overall renovation may not be necessary, there are several upgrades you should consider. Instead of spending a lot of money on unnecessary changes, repair and enhance what already exists.

With this being said, it is hard to take care of this work and manage the rest of your life. Home cleaning professionals who provide additional make-ready services—such as our Lone Star Pro Services technicians—can get your rental up to par and on the market in no time.

Preparing a House for Rent

Professionals will use only the most up-to-date technology, along with top quality cleaning solutions and equipment to transform your rental property into a showcase. Some frequently used services include:

  • Painting services – Painting professionals can renew any sized apartment or house, areas small and large. Touch up chipped or worn out areas, or completely change the color and style.
  • Sheetrock repair – Technicians are often on hand to repair or replace damaged sheetrock in the ceiling or walls. Once repaired, these areas can later be painted.
  • Carpet cleaning and repair – Home and carpet cleaning, repair of worn out carpets or full replacement.
  • Tile and grout cleaning and repair – There are also some specialists that also repair, replace or restore loose, chipped, broken, missing, or otherwise damaged tile.
  • Odor removal and air purifying services – Technicians use many professional cleaning methods to remove odors, allergens and other pollutants from the indoor air, fabrics within the dwelling, and in building materials.

If you want to make the most of your rental property and have it look its best for your new tenant, contact our Lone Star Pro Services technicians today for any of our make-ready services!

Tips for Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is considered the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States. Water in unwanted places can cause a lot of damage. Not only can it ruin your prized possessions, but also in your house where they’re stored!Fortunately, if you’re able to act quickly, you can minimize the damage and possibly save some of your possessions. Some of your success depends on which areas are affected by water damage, and how long the water’s been around.

Water damage shouldn’t be taken lightly—no matter how minimal it is—as it may lead to other problems. So here are some tips that can help you preserve your belongings at the first sign of flooding or water damage:

Disconnect the Power and Unplug all the Electronic Items

First and foremost, disconnect the power and check if all electronic items are safe. Unplug electronic items and tie up the wires safely to avoid any contact with water. The faster you are able to get electronics out of the water, the more likely you’ll be able to save them. Secure all of these items in one place.

Remove the Furniture and Dry Out the Area

Move your furniture to a safer place, considerably in an open area to let it dry. Pull up your carpets and under padding. Once you’ve mopped up all the water, dry out the water-affected area to avoid further damage and disinfect.

Get Your Home Inspected and File a Claim

If you have insurance, the next step would be to file a claim with your insurance company if it is included in your insurance. It can help you with water damage repair without any additional monetary issues. Also, make sure to give our Lone Star Pro Services technicians a call to inspect your home and start restoring it and your belongings back to their original conditions!

We are just a call away, so call us for the best water damage restoration service anywhere in Houston. For your convenience, we provide emergency water damage restoration 24/7!

How to Get Rid of Pet Stains in Carpets

If your family includes a lovable puppy or kitten, then you are probably all too familiar with the challenges associated with trying to remove pet stains from the carpet. Luckily, there are many ways to house train your pet without permanently destroying your floors.

Accidents will happen when animals live in your home. Regardless of the source of the mess, it is always important to clean it up immediately, to avoid having a permanent carpet stain.

Urine Spots

If your pet urinates on the carpet your best defense is to act quickly. Immediately grab paper towels or rags to soak up as much of the mess as you can. The longer you wait to remove the pet urine, the more rancid the odor will become. Repeat this process with fresh layers of absorbent materials until the moisture is completely lifted. Once you have the area as dry as possible, follow the remaining 10 steps:

  1. Make a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% warm water.
  2. Distribute the solution all over the stain.
  3. Work the vinegar mixture into the soiled area with a brush.
  4. Blot with fresh paper towels or clean cloths.
  5. Vacuum up excess moisture.
  6. Sprinkle baking soda on the damp area.
  7. Mix a half cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of dish washing liquid.
  8. Pour the solution slowly over the baking soda.
  9. Mix the wet and dry components together and use a brush to scrub it into the carpet.
  10. Once the area has dried completely, vacuum.

Pet Feces

It is easy to find pet feces in the home; the offensive smell will give the location away quickly. Once discovered, manually remove as much of the excrement as possible. If the mess is wet, use damp towels or some sort of scraper to remove it from your carpet. Remember to gently scrape up the stain to avoid driving it further into the carpet fibers. Follow the remaining steps to eliminate the remainder of the feces:

  1. Try to remove the stain with a carpet cleaner or heavy-duty clothing stain remover. Allow the commercial solution to penetrate the area and scrub with wet soapy cloth or brush. Repeat until the stain is gone.
  2. Make a mixture of one cup white vinegar and one cup warm water and saturate the stain.
  3. Dry with paper towels or cloths.
  4. Sprinkle an ample amount of baking soda over the area and let it sit overnight. Vacuum up the powder in the morning.

Do not use a steam cleaner to remove a feces stain from carpets; the heat may permanently set in the odor and the pet stain.

Things to Keep in Mind

Avoid ammonia and any products containing ammonia when attempting to remove pet stains from your carpet. This is particularly important when dealing with dog urine, which is partly comprised of ammonia. If you clean up a mess using this product, your dog may repeat the same behavior if it detects the smell.

Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning—it’s the time of year where thousands to millions of people take the time to completely clean the home from top to bottom, making sure to pay special attention to the areas that are normally neglected with during regular upkeep—such as small, hard to reach places like under the couch, and even quite forgotten areas like the attic.

Reasons for Spring Cleaning

Many people ask why most choose the spring season of all times of the year to clean their entire home with so much attention to detail. Well, for one, many people associate the spring season with “freshness” and “revitalization,” and therefore want their homes to reflect that. The spring season is also seen as the best time to deep clean the home because it allows you to reorganize and put away things leftover from the winter season, such as jackets and sweaters, and lingering clutter from the holidays. Are you ready to get started with spring cleaning too? Here are a few spring cleaning tips:

1. Create a Checklist

The best way to make sure that no part of your home is forgotten when it comes to cleaning is to make a checklist of all the areas that need attention. Make a list of all of the rooms in the home, and organize your time to tackle each room throughout the week—perhaps a new room each day. That way, you don’t feel burnt out from cleaning all the time—and you feel more accomplished each day when one more room in your home is spotless!

2. Get Organized

Invest in a few boxes that will help you separate the things you need to keep from the clutter. The best way to do this is to establish 3 piles: keep, donate, toss. By organizing clutter this way, you can easily sort through your belongings in no time!

3. Don’t Forget the Little Things

Since spring cleaning usually involves cleaning even the smallest places, it’s important that you remember to get to all of them. Commonly forgotten areas include:

  • Light fixtures
  • Cabinets/drawers/shelves
  • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Windows
  • Doorframes/sliding door tracks
  • Walls
  • Baseboards
  • Underneath furniture/appliances

4. Don’t Forget the Big Things

With so much attention we give to the little things, we may often find ourselves actually forgetting the big things, and that’s where our Lone Star Pro Services technicians come in. If you need help with upholstery, carpet, tile and grout, air duct, or even dryer vent cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to book one or more of our services!

Lone Star Pro Services Earns Esteemed 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Lone Star Pro Services Earns Esteemed 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service.

Lone Star Pro Services has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of customer service to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2016.

This achievement is particularly significant as Angie’s List experienced unprecedented member growth in 2016. More than 1.6 million consumers, many of whom were eager to quickly hire highly qualified service pros, joined Angie’s List after the company added a new, free membership tier.

“Companies that can meet higher demands without missing a beat in their exemplary performance standards truly do stand apart from their peers,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “Only a fraction of the home cleaning companies in Houston were able to do it.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2016 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade. The SSA winners must also be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

“This award is significant because it’s based in part on the reviews our clients write about us,” says Alexander Antonov, owner of Lone Star Pro Services, “Only the best of the best receives this recognition. I want to thank our clients for taking the time to share their experiences. One of our goals is to provide an all-encompassing service and make sure clients get the highest level of service for the best price. It’s very gratifying to see that our clients are happy with the service our technicians gave them.”

Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List as new, verified consumer reviews are submitted. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality.

For more than 21 years, Angie’s List restricted access to its verified reviews to consumers who paid membership fees. When the company removed that barrier, some companies worried that the new, non-paying members would not be as engaged as members of the past. Experience has shown, however, that these newly added members are just as engaged – across all age groups – as prior members. Also, because the company continues to adhere to its review verification process, there has been no degradation of review quality.

“The biggest change at Angie’s List is that we are connecting even more consumers to high-quality service professionals,” Hicks said. “And that’s good for everyone.”


Angie’s List helps facilitate happy transactions between more than 4.5 million consumers nationwide and its collection of highly rated service providers in more than 720 categories of service, ranging from home improvement to health care. Built on a foundation of more than 10 million verified reviews of local service, Angie’s List connects consumers directly to its online marketplace of services from member-reviewed providers and offers unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for both consumers and service professionals.


Cleaning After the Super Bowl Party

Hosting a Super Bowl watch party comes with the vulnerability of stains from some of the messiest foods in existence. While catching, and cleaning up stains as soon as they happen can best reduce the chances of the stain becoming permanent, sometimes it’s harder to do so in the midst of an active Super Bowl party when there may be a lot happening. Do you have difficult stains on your carpet left over from your Super Bowl party? Here are some of the best ways to get rid of them:

Pizza, Nacho, and Wings Stains

These three foods are among the messiest when it comes to Super Bowl; they are known to leave behind what are known as combination stains, which are a blend of more than one stain type. For example, with pizza and nachos, the combination stain is a mix of tomato and grease. Wings produce a combination stain of hot sauce and grease. Because these notorious, messy foods leave behind combination stains, they are harder to remove from fabrics and carpet floors.

The best solution to remove these stains is to first remove any solids that haven’t been picked up. Afterward, use paper towels to blot the stain; this will help pick up any grease or tomato stains. Next, use a damp sponge or clean white rag with a small amount of dish soap, or liquid laundry detergent to gently scrub the stain. Repeat this step as necessary until the stain fades and be sure to rinse the area with clean water to remove any lingering cleaner residue.

Chip Dust Residue

The small crumbs often left behind by chips can leave quite a mess at the end of the day. To be rid of them, simply use a vacuum fitted with an upholstery attachment to pick up these small particles.

Beer Stains

Fortunately, beer is a water-based stain, which means that it’s not nearly as difficult to remove as other alcoholic beverages such as red wine or other mixed drinks. For that reason, you only need to flush the area with cold water. If that doesn’t work, take a damp sponge with just a small amount of dish soap and gently scrub the stain. Rinse the area with water afterward.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Finally, if none of the above tips do the trick when it comes to removing those stubborn stains, give our Lone Star Pro Services technicians a call for our professional carpet cleaning service. Our state-of-the-art equipment will help us eliminate any carpet stains that are causing you trouble while giving your carpet a newer, fresher look and smell!