Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Damage Restoration

Commercial Fire Restoration & Commercial Water Damage Restoration

The elements can wreak havoc on your business. Fire and water damage can be difficult to treat, not just because of the destruction but also because of the risks they pose to your health. Fire damage leaves behind smoke and other particles that are dangerous to inhale, while commercial flood damage could put you in contact with dangerous bacteria or expose you to mold. The professionals at Lone Star Pro Services are trained to handle commercial fire damage and commercial water damage clean up, so you don’t have to.

Our Process

Step 1: We’ll start by inspecting the damage in your business to make a note of what needs to be done and what obstacles we might encounter.

Step 2: Next, we’ll remove any water that might need to be drained or, in the case of fire, any loose debris that might be there. In the case of water damage, we’ll make sure the area is dried out completely so mold won’t have an opportunity to grow.

Step 3: Our trained professionals will then begin the cleaning process. We’ll use a variety of treatments depending on the type and extent of the damage. At this stage, we’ll remove any bacteria or particles that could be harmful to your health.

Step 4: Finally, we can begin to restore the area. This might include replacing drywall or other reconstruction depending on the damage.

Benefits of Commercial Fire and Water Restoration

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria before it has a chance to spread.
  • Removes any unpleasant odors that might be left.
  • Thoroughly removes damage to allow you to start fresh.

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