Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

The way your business looks can have a major impact on employee morale and productivity. A clean, sanitary workplace gives a professional appearance and makes employees and customers feel more comfortable. It’s important to stay on top of commercial cleaning in your business, especially in places where dirt is easily noticeable—such as tile or grout.

For commercial grout cleaning and tile cleaning, call the IICRC certified technicians at Lone Star Pro Services. Our cleaning process has four steps to remove any dirt or stains in your tile and grout, leaving your business sparkling.

Our Commercial Tile Cleaning Services

Scrubbing tile and grout by hand can take forever and might not even remove all of the dirt or bacteria lingering there. Our four-step process eliminates surface dirt as well as deeper stains.

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

We’ll thoroughly inspect the tile and grout around your place of business, taking note of any broken or loose tiles or stains that might be harder to remove.

Step 2: Pre-Treatment

Our technicians will apply a special solution to your tile and grout that emulsifies and makes the cleaning process much easier.

Step 3: Agitation

We’ll use a grout brush to agitate the tiles, scrubbing away any surface dirt and breaking up particles which allows them to be washed away. The specialized brush can access hard-to-reach areas like gaps or crevices in the grout.

Step 4: Turbo Wash

On some sturdier surfaces, we use a turbo-washing tool that blasts away any grime or debris. This tool allows your floors to dry quickly and leaves them shiny and clean.

Benefits of Commercial Tile Cleaning & Commercial Grout Cleaning Services

  • Cleaner and more professional appearance.
  • Regular cleaning prevents the growth of mold, mildew, or other harmful bacteria.
  • Maintenance helps your tile and grout last longer, which is more budget-friendly in the long run.

For all of your commercial tile and grout cleaning needs, give Lone Star Pro Services a call at 832-410-8622!