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Pre-inspection and Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Step 2

Pre-Spot and Spray Area

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Step 4

Soil Removal and Rinse

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Carpet Cleaning in Houston

Our professional and thorough carpet cleaning service in Houston are at the best value. We provide high-quality carpet cleaning near you with a multi-step process to effectively eliminate bacteria, dirt, grime, dust mites and other allergens that can affect the quality of the carpet and air.

Step 1: Pre-inspection and Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Before we begin cleaning your carpets, our IICRCcertified technicians will first perform a brief walk-through inspection in order to identify any signs of stains or wear that’s affecting your carpet’s condition. Once we have identified any problem spots within your carpet, like permanent stains, we will carefully move, moveable furniture from the room to effectively clean the entire carpeted area. Then, we will use a commercial-powered vacuum to pre-vacuum the area, removing dry soil and other particles.

Step 2: Pre-spot & Spray Area

There may be particularly dirty areas in your carpet that we will pre-spot clean with a conditioning solution to maximize stain removal. After this, we will spray high-foot traffic areas of the carpet using a biodegradable cleaning treatment.

Step 3: Pre-grooming

Next, we will pre-groom your carpet using a rotary brush to loosen dirt and grime throughout the area, making it easier to remove. By using a pile lifting groomer, we are better able to separate the fibers of your carpet to evenly distribute the cleaning process.

Step 4: Soil Removal & Rinse

After we have loosened the soil from your carpet, we will use a hot water extraction cleaning system to thoroughly flush and rinse the carpet with a powerful cleaning agent. This system uses state-of-the-art, 370 Truckmount equipment that helps maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.We will then neutralize your carpet so that there is no leftover residue.

Step 5: Post-grooming

If there are tougher spots that have not been adequately removed during the cleaning process, we will use specialty spotting techniques to eliminate them.Afterward, we will groom your carpet again in order to help the carpet dry faster and look newer. We may also use a high-velocity air mover to further quicken the drying time.Finally, we will perform a post-inspection walk through of the carpeted area with you, to review the cleaning and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results!

Carpet Repair and Installation

In addition to carpet cleaning, we also offer carpet repair and installation. If your carpet is showing signs of burns, pet damage, unraveling, tears and rips, seam damage, or discoloration in spots, our specialized technicians will be able to repair the issues or help you install a brand-new carpet in your home.The process of repairing your carpet through a patching method may involve taking specific measurements of your floor and carpet to best match new carpet segments with your existing carpet. Like with full carpet installations, we will vacuum the area to help blend the carpet segment in with its surrounding areas.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning/Restoration

  • Reduces dirt and allergens
  • Eliminates dust mite infestations
  • Increases lifespan of carpet

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