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One of the most common things neglected in the home when it comes to cleaning is the dryer vent. While you may often remove and clean the lint trap, this simply isn’t enough to fully clean the dryer to its best capacity. Vent cleaning is extremely important because lint buildup can be detrimental to your dryer’s operation and efficiency, and can also be extremely hazardous. Neglecting to have your dryer vents cleaned can be a fire hazard due to the flammable nature of dust particles and lint; the dust/lint buildup traps the hot air exhaust from your dryer, causing it to overheat and eventually catch fire.

Our Vent Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

Our certified technicians will first perform a pre-cleaning inspection and assessment of your dryer and its vent to identify access points in order to reach and thoroughly clean different sections of the vent.

Step 2: Vacuum

Next, we will use a powerful filtered vacuum with a brush attachment to carefully vacuum the entire length of the dryer vent, removing dust and lint particles. After our initial vacuum, we will connect the vacuum to the dryer duct to collect any remaining signs of lint, dust, and other particles found throughout the ductwork.

Step 3: Agitation

We will use a series of agitation tools to dislodge dirt and debris that were not picked up through vacuuming in order to remove the particles.

Step 4: Post-Cleaning Inspection

Once we have completed cleaning your dryer’s vent, we will perform a final inspection discuss the results of our cleaning with before and after photos.

Benefits of Air Vent Cleaning

Cleaning your dryer vents regularly not only reduces the risk of hazards in the home, it also provides these benefits:

  • Improved dryer efficiency – By cleaning your dryer's vents, you are essentially removing the dust, particles, and lint that have built up inside. You improve the efficiency of how your dryer operates and reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes. In addition, dryer vent cleaning improves the life of your dryer, making it last much longer.
  • Lower energy costs – Cleaning your dryer’s vents allows it to work more efficiency, resulting in lower energy costs.

If you are looking for dryer vent cleaning near you, just call Lone Star Pro Services in Houston for dryer vent cleaning today to schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to visit!